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Save $70 Off Official Diet Drops Plan Best Prices – 1×21-Day (2 ounces) of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops, Free Same Day Shipping


Save $70 Off Official Diet Drops Plan Best Prices – 1×21-Day (2 ounces) of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops, Free Same Day Shipping

  • FREE SAME-DAY SHIPPING (Must order before 4 PM MST)
  • #1 Diet Program & Money Back Guarantee
  • 1x 21 Day (2oz) Bottle of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops (with Vitamin B12 Supplement & NO alcohol)
  • The Official HCG Diet Weight Loss Program Guide – (PDF)
  • Original Pounds & Inches ebook – (PDF)
  • Best HCG Recipes eBook – (PDF)
  • Original Weight Loss Log – (PDF)

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What Is Official 21 Day HCG Diet Program?

The 21-Day Official HCG Diet Plan is without a doubt one of the most popular weight loss programs out there; it is light and beginners often rely on it in order to understand how the system works and whether or not it will be effective for them. Also, it ought to be mentioned that this HCG Diet Plan was designed specifically for busy people who do not have the time to work out daily but are still determined to lose weight.

Official Diet Drops - 21-Day 2 ounces
Official Diet Drops - 21-Day 2 ounces
Official Diet Drops - 21-Day 2 ounces




  • Official Diet Plan – Fast Acting! Natural, Proven Formula – No Alcohol
  • FREE Diet Phone Support. Call the number on the bottle after placing your order, and we will send you a diet guide, weight loss log, and recipes, in PDF format.
  • Motivate each other! Lose weight with a friend, family member or significant other!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • ★ BUY 3, GET THE 4TH FREE! (Automatically applied during checkout when you place 4 in your cart) ★

Contents:Bottle(s) of Hormone Free Diet Drops (with Vitamin B12 Supplement & NO alcohol)

About:Phases of the Official Diet Drops Plan:
The dieting plan is divided into 3 phases so as to allow one to gauge his or her amount of success throughout the entire process.

Here is a brief bring a look on what each and every of the phases will be like:

1st Phase:
The initiation phase of the Diet Drops Plan is concentrated around teaching you how to help make suitable use of the Diet Drops.
The phase really lasts only two days, and you are actually encouraged to eat to your heart’s material while alocoho up to one gallon of water per day (no less than half a gallon though).

2nd Phase:
Once the initial phase has been completed things will be set in total motion.
As the phase continues the amount of calories you eat will gradually decrease, allowing you to shed extra excess fat and continue on your strategy to a healthy body.

3rd Phase:
This is the phase where the plan sets itself apart from the myriad of fad diets saturating the promote these days.
After 45 days (or when you achieve your target weight), you will start to follow the maintenance cycle.
In other words, once you have dropped the weight, you will be given the means that to preserve it that strategy and prevent your own self from going back to square one.
While you are in maintenance mode there is no longer a calorie limit for you to abide by; you will have to drink lots of water and carefully watch what you eat.

The Official HCG Challenge

We are so sure that the HCG Diet Plan will help you reduce weight within the first week that we can bet $10 on that. If after 7 days of using this plan, within 90 days after date of purchase, you have not lost any weight, then you can return it to our stores and not only will you be refunded fully but also you will be, for the trouble, paid extra $10. Ever seen a company that is that willing to stand by its products? We are!

Why Order From Official HCG?

Because you will be taking in this product daily you should be sure that it is safe and the source is reputable. You need a source that assures you of their products’ quality and vows to keep their word concerning their 90-Day Guarantee and will not give excuses but just pay you back your money, plus $10 on top. In addition to having faith in our products, we have also highlighted some important information about our programs:


We value your choice to use our HCG products and therefore we will keep on giving you the best services and support. That’s our promise.

Note: Dramatic weight loss is experienced by a few users, but any guarantee of weight loss for everyone is not promised. Going on a diet that contains very low calorie should be done only under the supervision of a medical professional. Additionally, there is no proof that weight loss from HCG intake is more than what can be achieved with recommended restriction on calorie intake. People who remain on a diet containing very low calories face risks of side effects that include electrolyte imbalance, gallstone formation, and heart arrhythmias.

Official Diet Drops – 21-Day 2 ounces

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Save $70 Off Official Diet Drops Plan Best Prices – 1×21-Day (2 ounces) of Homeopathic HCG Diet Drops, Free Same Day Shipping




Official HCG Diet Plan Amazon Customer Reviews and Ratings as of 12/12/2016 MDT

Official Diet Drops - 21-Day (2 ounces)
Official Diet Drops Plan Customer Reviews

Want to loose weight? Try HCG5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 27th Jun 2016

I have used this product before & was very successful with it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to loose weight. It is easy to use & you never feel like you’re on a diet!

Save the leftovers!5 Star Review

Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2016

I have used HCG several times now. Each time is “the last time”, so I throw out the remainder. Then, I get the urge to go another round and buy more.
For some reason, I am calmer while on the drops and I only drink alcohol at about 25% my usual rate. Life is great, weight loss is great and, of course, HCG is great.
I am 78 years old. I was fearful the first time for about one week. HCG works great, no matter how old you are.

HCG – Drops are The Best5 Star Review

Posted by bdb on 24th Jan 2016

I started back on Nov 4, 2015 thur Dec 14 2016
and lost 23.2 in that time frame…very happy getting ready to do round 2, to reach my goal wait of 155. it’s an amazing product, just follow the plan, and you will lose the weight.

Love these drops!5 Star Review

Posted by Amy on 26th Nov 2015

For me these drops are the absolute best and easiest way for me to be able to drop the pounds I want to lose. All I have to do is follow the instructions and stick to the diet and I can pretty much count on losing around 20-25 lbs if I do a 3 week round or 40-45 lbs if I do the full 45 days. It just depends on what is going on in my life at the time that I decide to do the drops as to whether I decide to the 21 days or 45 days.

This is the real deal!!!5 Star Review

Posted by Carenmichelle on 5th Nov 2015

I know some people may be nervous about ordering a random product from the Internet as there are so many fake money making schemes out there, but I am pleased to announce that this is real and it WORKS! I’ve taken fake ‘Hormone Free’ drops before and I felt like my brain was melting, but on 10 drops 3 times a day at 8 hour intervals, I feel that I’m satisfied during the VLCD stage of the diet with Official HCG!! After one week, I’m already fitting in to clothes I haven’t worn in quite a while and I feel great! Now I know where to go if I ever need to order again! Thank you for a great product!

Featured Products @ OfficialHCGdietplan
Some important factors to consider about Official HCG Diet Plan:

  1. Manufactured in the US
  2. No regular billing, one-time payment
  3. Diet plan help available even to people who are not our customers
  4. Providing complete diet recipes and guide with every program
  5. To customers who are not satisfied, we provide $10 in addition to the full refund
  6. Product made in FDA registered USA center
  7. FREE Same-Day shipping
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